"Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars"                                 -Frank Sinatra

Stolzenfels, born 2005.

Chosen for breeding and registered in the Stallion Book I for Hannoveraner and Oldenburger jumping horses international: Hannoveraner program for jumper


HLP Schlieckau: 113,71/8/30 

TI.Dr.: 98,60/17; TI.Spr.: 129,47/3 


Successes: Won and well-aimed in jumping horse competition class A to M

Stud fee: On Demand

(fee only in case of pregnancy; lower fee for mares from the Hannoveraner Jumping Horse Program) 


Grower: Mr. Horst Jacholke 

Telephone: +49 5820 1700

E-Mail: info@hengst-stolzenfels.de

Descent from Stolzenfels

Mother: Wella; Stamm der Jali (1892): LB Embassy I, II, II v. Escudo, Embassy II Internat succesfull in jumping, Qual- dandro v. Quick Star Spr. internat. succesful, Quebec v. Quickstar internat. successful in jumping, Simply Blue v. Simply Spr. internat. successful, Kathrin v. Karthago FAP S plac., Di Ci v. Don Juan successful in jumping class S, Filisa v. Filius successful in jumping class S, Donat v. Domspatz succesful in jumping class S., Dino v. Domspatz successful in jumping class S. 

Descendants of Stolzenfels